Published: 2014-12-31

Qubbet el-Hawa, the Rock Tomb of Ishemai

Marco Chioffi, Giuliana Rigamonti
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Prosthesis for the Afterlife in TT16, Luxor, Egypt

Jesús Herrerín, Miguel A. Sánchez, Suzanne Onstine, Virginia Reckard, Elizabeth Warkentin, Tiffany Redman
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 0

Payeftjauemawyneith’s Shabti (UC 40093) and Another from Nebesheh

Hussein Bassir, Paul Creasman
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 0

The Representation of the Hedgehog Goddess Abaset at Bahariya Oasis

Hend Sherbiny, Hussein Bassir
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 1

The Royal Mortuary Cult at Nuri, 593–431 BC

Susan K. Doll
Abstract 18 | PDF Downloads 0

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