(bn) a͗ gpṯr / (Binu) Agapṯarri’s House A Functional Analysis of an Ugaritic “Archive” (PH Room 10)

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Gregorio del Olmo Lete



When organized into functional categories, the set of texts found in the Ugaritic archive in the “Maison du prêtre-magicien” manifests a clear raison d’être as a collection. Of the twelve main categories of texts from this deposit, the most significant serve to justify various forms of magical praxis and detail how to carry them out. Almost the entire collection of Ugaritic offering texts is found here, since all include a purification rite of the king, the responsibility of the magician priest as mḥll, whose function is stated in KTU 1.119. This fact had been ignored up to now. In addition, the main texts setting out the royal ideology were entrusted to this magician priest, thus reflecting their magical-cultic nature. Additional texts belong to the realm of scribal training, another responsibility of this public official. The adjacent library with a wide variety of Akkadian texts was of fundamental value in this latter connection.

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