From Saint to Eponymous Founder Abū Bakr al-Mawṣilī (d. 797/1394) and His Ṭarīqa Mawṣiliyya

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This article offers a case study on the social role of a charismatic shaykh, Abū Bakr al-Mawṣilī (d. 797/1394), in fourteenth-century Damascus and Jerusalem, and on the way he established his saintly reputation and accumulated cultural capital. Based mainly on a to-date unstudied manuscript written by the shaykh’s grandson, it analyzes how the shaykh managed to pass this capital on to his offspring and how they formalized, institutionalized, and consolidated his ṭarīqa into a stable social organization, with the Mawṣilī household at its center, which, although never spreading outside of Greater Syria, continued to flourish locally for centuries.

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