An Aureus of Quietus from the Gothic Territory in Ukraine

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Aleksander Bursche
Kyrylo Myzgin



A very rare type of a pierced aureus of the eastern usurper Quietus recently came to light in western Ukraine, a region settled in the second half of the 3rd century by Gothic societies. Other Quietus and Macrianus II coins from finds are also discussed. Particular attention is paid to the pierced aurei of these usurpers almost certain to derive from barbarian contexts. A significant number of Quietus and Macrianus aurei with marks of reuse appear to represent elements of donativa, handed out in eastern provinces to higher ranking military and officials. Presumably, the Macriani on their march to the Danube provinces, preparatory to their confrontation with the armies of Gallienus, enlisted reinforcements of Germanic war bands, Gothic in particular. In exchange they paid the Germanic commanders with gold coins brought from the East, which were the barbarians pierced and took to their homeland in East-Central Europe. This would be the most likely origin of the Quietus aureus from Ukraine, and possibly, of at least a few of the unprovenanced pierced aurei of Macrianus II and Quietus.


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