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The Journal of the American Oriental Society (ISSN 0003-0279) is published quarterly by the American Oriental Society. The first volume (1843-49) set the tone for all time in the broad scope of subject matter and the solidity of its scholarship. It included studies of Arab music, of Persian cuneiform, and of Buddhism in India, and brought to a wide audience the then novel theories of
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Effective with volume 142 (2022), current issues of JAOS will be available only through Lockwood Online Journals. All issues prior to 2022 will continue to be available through the JSTOR archive (jstor.org). In addition to current content, Lockwood Online Journals hosts content going back to 2013 with volume 133.

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Current Issue

Vol. 143 No. 3 (2023): Journal of the American Oriental Society

Published: 2023-08-22

Front Matter

Front Matter

Abstract 96 | PDF Downloads 52


The Great Mahābhārata After-Dinner Talk

James L. Fitzgerald
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 14

Page 491–497

The Marvelous Bookcase

Xiaojing Miao
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 499–513

Beyond Logography

Marian Olech
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 7

Page 515–535

Corruption and Violence in Early Dynastic Mari (As Seen from Ebla)

I. Arkhipov, L. Kogan, E. Markina
Abstract 99 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 537–554

The Emergence and Evolution of the West Karaim Bible Translation Tradition

Michał Németh, Anna Sulimowicz-Keruth
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 555–580

Solving the Ninth-Century West Syrian Synoptic Problem

Yonatan Moss, Flavia Ruani
Abstract 60 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 581–606

The Problem of the Quranic al-ṣamad

Andrew Hammond
Abstract 139 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 607–631

Brief Communications

The First Swedish Translation from the Lunyu

Christian Nordvall
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 677–686

Review Articles

Another Life of the First Emperor

Yuri Pines
Abstract 162 | PDF Downloads 11

Page 687–695


Review of The Sumerians

Amanda H. Podany
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 709–711

Review of Ritualbeschreibungen und Gebete III

Evelyne Koubková
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 724–726

Review of Archaeology of Empire in Achaemenid Egypt

Christopher J. Tulpin
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 726–728

Review of Max van Berchem, un orientaliste

Benjamin Michaudel
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 2

Page 733–735

Review of The Abbasid Caliphate: A History

Hayrettin Yücesoy
Abstract 45 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 738–740

Brief Reviews

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