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The Journal of the American Oriental Society (ISSN 0003-0279) is published quarterly by the American Oriental Society. The first volume (1843-49) set the tone for all time in the broad scope of subject matter and the solidity of its scholarship. It included studies of Arab music, of Persian cuneiform, and of Buddhism in India, and brought to a wide audience the then novel theories of
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Effective with volume 142 (2022), current issues of JAOS will be available only through Lockwood Online Journals. All issues prior to 2022 will continue to be available through the JSTOR archive (jstor.org). In addition to current content, Lockwood Online Journals hosts content going back to 2013 with volume 133.

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Current Issue

Vol. 139 No. 4 (2019): Journal of the American Oriental Society

Published: 2022-01-21

Front Matter

Front Matter

Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 1


The Absent Vedas

Will Sweetman
Abstract 9 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 781–804

Half-human and Monstrous Races in Zoroastrian Tradition

Domenico Agostini
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 805–818

Fei Changfang’s Treatment of Sengyou’s Anonymous Texts

Michael Radich
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 22

Page 819–842

From Singing Ghosts to Docile Concubines

Qiulei Hu
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 843–858

The Susa Funerary Texts

Nathan Wasserman
Abstract 19 | PDF Downloads 14

Page 859–892

Two Themes in Maimonides’s Modifications to His Legal Works

Marc Herman
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 907–922

Jadal and Qiyās in the Fifth/Eleventh Century

Sohaira Siddiqui
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 7

Page 923–944

Brief Communications

Pharaoh and His Council

Joseph Witztum
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 8

Page 945–952

Dōng 東 ‘East’ and the Chinese “Indian Circle”

Jonathan Smith
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 953–962


Islam and Its Past: Jahiliyya, Late Antiquity, and the Qurʾan. Edited by Carol Bakhos and Michael Cook

Valentina A. Grasso, Garth Fowden
Abstract 4 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 965–968

A Yogācāra Buddhist Theory of Metaphor. By Roy Tzohar

C. W. Huntington
Abstract 4 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 991–993

The Medinet Habu Records of the Foreign Wars of Ramesses III. By Donald Redford

Anthony Spalinger
Abstract 6 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 993–997

Estudios de lingüística ugarítica: Una selección. By Gregorio del Olmo Lete

Aren Wilson-Wright
Abstract 6 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 1003–1004

Ägyptenrezeption im Mumienfilm: The Mummy 1932 und Remakes. By Yvonne Vosmann

Carter Lupton, Jonathan Elias
Abstract 4 | PDF Downloads 9

Page 1005–1006

Back Matter

Back Matter

Abstract 9 | PDF Downloads 1
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