The (Sea?) Fortress Commander Huynefer, and His Shabti

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David Thompson



A hitherto anonymous Nineteenth Dynasty shabti is published fully for the first time. Its text, though damaged, identifies its owner as Huynefer, a Royal Scribe and a xtm-Fortress Commander. This unusual combination of administrative and military titles was particularly associated with two important northern frontier fortresses, the fortress of Tjaru and the Fortress of the Great Green, guarding respectively the Ways of Horus and the Mediterranean Sea. The same name and titles are known from a tomb at Saqqara, although the owner’s immediate family members, Mahu and Nebnefer, are better known from an adjacent tomb. The administrative and military implications of the titles held by these men are discussed in relation to the sea fortress, which is shown to be Huynefer’s post, set against events that took place in Egypt’s northern territories during their lifetimes. The possible impact of Huynefer’s career on the atypical design of this shabti is explored.


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