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The first American journal devoted solely to the study of Egypt, the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE), was established in 1962 to foster scholarly research into the art, archaeology, languages, history, and social systems of the Egyptian people.

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Current Issue

Vol. 55 (2019): Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt

Published: 2019-11-22


Classification of a Funerary Model

Georgia Barker
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 5-13

Dental Prosthesis

Zeinab Hashesh, Jesús Herrerín
Abstract 385 | PDF Downloads 9

Page 55-67

Two Unpublished Sphinxes of Amenemhat V and Ramses II

Mohamed El-Mezain, Mohamed Mahmoud Kacem
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 85-96

The Block Statue of Djedhor son of Tjanefer (Cairo JE 37200)

Mohamed Gamal Rashed
Abstract 193 |

Page 117-136

Ancient Egyptian Image-Writing

Hany Rashwan
Abstract 237 | PDF Downloads 12

Page 137-160

Whose Error Anyway?

Joshua Aaron Roberson
Abstract 165 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 161-171

Hatshepsut’s Punt Reliefs

Filip Taterka
Abstract 270 | PDF Downloads 14

Page 189-203


Book Reviews

Robert Steven Bianchi, Arabela Baer, Joshua Aaron Roberson
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 7

Page 205-213

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