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The first American journal devoted solely to the study of Egypt, the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE), was established in 1962 to foster scholarly research into the art, archaeology, languages, history, and social systems of the Egyptian people.

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Current Issue

Vol 54 (2018): Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt

Published: 2018-12-03


Dedication: Eugene David Cruz-Uribe, Ph.D. December 22, 1952–March 12, 2018

Peter Piccione
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 207

Page 5–16


The S-Word Addressed: Estimating Age from Human Skeletal Remains

Gretchen R. Dabbs, Jerome C. Rose
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 41-44

TT 126: In Search of a “Lost” Tomb

Marta Kaczanowicz, Piotr Witkowski
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 7

Page 107–115


Book Reviews

Abstract 203 | PDF Downloads 215

Page 219–238

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