New Kingdom Graffiti in Dahshur, Pyramid Complex of Senwosret III: Preliminary Report. Graffiti Uncovered in Seasons 1992–2010

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Hana Navrátilová



The Middle Kingdom (ca. 2010–1670 BCE) pyramid complex of Senwosret III at Dahshur contained a number of New Kingdom (ca. 1560–1080 BCE) hieratic inscriptions in its different structures. The texts proffer unique evidence for the study of the history of the pyramid complex, as well as of Egyptian literate culture, especially its relation to the uses of the past, and to sacred and ritual spaces. Relations between visual and written culture can also be observed with the help of graffiti that are placed in close contact with preceding decoration of the funerary complex. The preliminary report offers a summary of state of research, a description of hitherto uncovered graffiti corpus, and a perspective on interpretation of visitors’ graffiti in the pyramid complex of Senwosret III.


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