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3 Editors’ Introduction: The Qurʾān between Bible and Tafsīr Michael E. Pregill and Vanessa De Gifis

11 The Problematic of Prophecy: 2015 IQSA Presidential Address Reuven Firestone

23 Response to Reuven Firestone’s 2015 IQSA Presidential Address Ebrahim Moosa

29 The Current State of Qurʾānic Studies: Commentary on a Roundtable Discussion

Karen Bauer

47 Form Criticism or a Rolling Corpus: The Methodology of John Wansbrough through the Lens of Biblical Studies
Michael Graves

93 Did Ḥafṣah Edit the Qurʾān? A Response with Notes on the Codices of the Prophet’s Wives

Sean W. Anthony and Catherine L. Bronson

127 “Nothing but Time Destroys Us”: The Deniers of Resurrection in the Qurʾān

Patricia Crone†

149 Bukhārī’s Kitāb Tafsīr al-Qurʾān Christopher Melchert

173 Afterword: The Academic Study of the Qurʾān—Achievements, Challenges, and Prospects

Devin Stewart and Gabriel Said Reynolds

القرآن: ما بعد أبي زيد وما قبل المصحف 187 علي مبروك†


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