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The first American journal devoted solely to the study of Egypt, the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE), was established in 1962 to foster scholarly research into the art, archaeology, languages, history, and social systems of the Egyptian people.

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Current Issue

Vol. 59 No. 1 (2023): Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt

Published: 2024-01-16

Front Matter

Front Matter

Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 67

Page 1–4


In Memoriam Jere L. Bacharach

Djodi Deutsch
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 52

Page 5–6

In Memoriam Jack A. Josephson

Rita E. Freed
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 7–8

In Memoriam Jaromir Malek

Hana Navratilova
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 72

Page 9–10

In Memoriam David Bourke O’Connor

John Baines, Peter Lacovara, Janet Richards
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 11–12

In Memoriam Richard W. Redding

Mark Lehner
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 69

Page 13–15


Revealing Monastic Life

Roxanne Bélanger Sarrazin, Jitse H. F. Dijkstra, Lauren Duchesne, Nicholas Hedley, Sabrina C. Higgins, Jennifer Westerfeld
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 17–33

En Route to the Red Sea Shore and Beyond in the Naqada II Period?

Axelle Brémont, Pierre Tallet
Abstract 148 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 35–55

Zur Frage einer möglichen Umarbeitung der Mumienmaske Tutanchamuns

Christian Eckmann, Katja Broschat, Tom Hardwick
Abstract 256 | PDF Downloads 22

Page 57–85

Two or Three Things on Four Women Depicted on One Stela (MMA 36.3.270

Ines Köhler, Eva-Maria Engel, Tilmann Kunze, Anke Ilona Blöbaum
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 17

Page 145–157

A Late Period Squatting Statue of Ankhpakhered (JE 38588)

Mohammed Refaat, Mohammed El-Sayed
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 9

Page 159–176

Doorkeepers in Third Intermediate to Saite Period Thebes

Cynthia May Sheikholeslami
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 14

Page 177–205

Expanding our Data from the Old-Middle Kingdom Western Delta

Leslie Anne Warden, Nicholas S. Picardo, Louise Bertini, May Pwint Thair Chu, Emily Coate, Mennat-Allah El Dorry, Elizabeth Hart, Tomasz Herbich
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 219–263

Fifth Report on the Publication and Conservation of the Tomb of Ramesses III in the Valley of the Kings (KV 11)

Anke Weber, Martina Grünhagen, Willem Hovestreydt, Saskia Nehls, Lutz Popko, Sandro Schwarz, Simon Thuault, Thomas Warscheid
Abstract 99 | PDF Downloads 21

Page 265–332


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