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The first American journal devoted solely to the study of Egypt, the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE), was established in 1962 to foster scholarly research into the art, archaeology, languages, history, and social systems of the Egyptian people.

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Current Issue

Vol. 56 (2020): Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt

Published: 2021-03-16


Faunal Remains from Excavations at the Menkaure Valley Temple (MVT-W), 2019

Mohamed Hussein Ahmed, Richard W. Redding
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 15

Page 17–34

A Family of Lector-Priests at Edfu

Kathryn E. Bandy
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 47–69

Animate Decoration in the Burial Chamber

Georgia Barker
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 71–81

The Khufu I Boat

Bob Brier, Michael G. Morabito, Stuart Greene
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 83–99

The Hoopoe and the Child in Old Kingdom Art

Kim McCorquodale
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 10

Page 101–114

Virtuous or Wicked

Wahid Omran
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 10

Page 143–167

The Myth of the Mundane

Luiza Osorio G. Silva
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 10

Page 181–197

Second Report on the Publication and Conservation of the Tomb of Ramesses III in the Valley of the Kings (KV 11)

Anke Weber, Judith Bunbury, Klara Dietze, Willem Hovestreydt, Dora Petrova, Lutz Popko, Gareth Rees, Lea Rees, Karin Schinken
Abstract 104 | PDF Downloads 14

Page 213–244


Book Reviews

Nicola Aravecchia, Christian Knoblauch, Kate Liszka, Rita Lucarelli, Ryan Evan Reynolds, Thomas Schneider, Paul Tchir
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 245–258

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